Cramahe Library Project.

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The Cramahe Library website needed a renovation.  Originally, it was built with Adobe® Muse CC–a terrible app by Adobe® which allowed users to create editable websites.  In the day, it had a good ecosystem surrounding it.  It did not build responsive websites and the code it created was pretty awful to put it lightly.

Last year, Adobe sent out a letter that they would no longer be supporting Adobe® Muse, this means that the Library would no longer be able to edit their website.


Here were the requirements of the site:

  • WCAGG AA 2.0 Compliant
  • Responsive (almost don't need to list this one anymore)
  • Easy to edit, and update quickly (cache control)
  • Work well on slow internet connections
  • Have a functional yet visually appealing look, with a lot of information presented on the home screen.
  • Be very reliable
  • Support for multiple admin users
  • Collect newsletter signups

Choosing a Platform

The Library needs to edit their site frequently and needs to support a large number of pages and constant updates, so we choose not to build a static site, but to use a content management system; namely, Ghost.

Ghost allows the Library to edit and create content quickly and easily on almost all types of devices.   We designed some extra features into the site so that way they can issue alerts and other notices in seconds on the website from their mobile phones.

Ghost is also very performant and runs nicely on our clustered hosting solution (see technology for more information).  


After designing the website in Adobe® XD (this is the only Adobe® app we still use, and for good reason) we moved to development.  We developed a Ghost theme using Foundation for Sites (our favorite front end framework) so we could get as much accessibility support as possible.  The result was quite nice:

We designed a application to synchronize the site with Google calendar which powers the calendars on the site.  We also made use of slippy maps from Leaflet.

There are really so many things on this site, we can't cover them all here.  Please take a look for yourself–just note that the content and images are chosen mostly by their staff now.

Check out the site >

Note that the content on the site is from a third party and we do not control what is on their.  That being said, we are not responsible nor condone or support any of the content on the site.