K1: Power to the Net.

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Okay, maybe it's a little overkill... well then again maybe not.  We want to introduce Blue Bloc Designs K1, our new Kubernetes hosting service.

For those not familiar with Kubernetes, its a pretty big step forward from the traditional server hosting architecture you may be used to.  In previous, when you went to a website or used a web server, it usually connected you directly to one server.  The problem is, if this one server is being overloaded, or goes down for some reason, how do you serve your clients?  Put simply, you can't.

We don't believe in downtime.  Having a background in live Television we're used to environments where 10 seconds of downtime can mean millions lost in revenue, a mindset we wish the standard IT industry would adopt.

Well, we think we've fixed this using our new cluster based hosting.  Essentially we have a number of servers which are running 24x7 with your website or app.  When the system detects that your site is being overloaded, it will deploy more servers automatically to compensate for the load.

In the event of a server failure, it will automatically re-deploy another on another server.  We think this new technology will benefit our clients greatly.  Want to move your website over to our K1 hosting solution?  Contact us now.