MentionUP Concept.

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MentionUP was an interesting project.  This project was created by Cole Harris, an entrepreneur from Toronto.  His company, MentionUP Inc. was creating an application which allows social media influencers to market themselves, and provide a secure platform for managing compensation.

When MentionUP came to us, they had very little as far as branding.  We worked closely with them to not only build their branding and logo, but also to build their application design.  We also were able to take some of our video experience and shot 6 commercials for use on social media all on a low budget.

Logo Design

Here is the logo we designed for MentionUP:

Used for iOS and web
Used for web and branding

Used for Watch and Android

App Design

We also designed the app for MentionUP.  We used Adobe® XD to create our layouts and some graphics.  We also used Pixelmator Pro and Affinity Designer for some logos and photo edits.