WordPress Bye 👋.

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WordPress has long been the CMS of choice for a lot of designers; however, its getting old.  If you haven't seen or heard why, here's a little bit as to why:

  • Based on PHP, an archaic and slow language which was originally just a templating language
  • Insecure, its easy to hack
  • Cluttered, the entire system is cluttered with plugins and other things which make it slow and bloated.

We design performant websites

Blue Bloc Designs is all about performance and uptime.  Coming from a Live TV background we don't believe in the IT mentality that things can just not work.  Therefore, we searched for a better solution, and after lots of testing we settled on using Ghost.  We actually for a while where developing our own CMS called Phase, but its been put on the back burner for now.  Ghost meets a lot of the needs our clients have today, and we can build our own infrastructure and apps to create solutions when it doesn't meet all their needs.

Enter Ghost

Ghost is an awesome, open source content management system.  It's built on Nodejs and adds a ton of powerful features to sites, which aren't clumsy plugins.  Here are some reasons why we chose it:

1. Ghost is much more simple

Its just plain simple in comparison to CMS, although its more work for us, it gives our clients a beautifully elegant space to write and manage their content.

2. Ghost has SEO & social built-in

Have you ever heard of people selling SEO?  Ghost automatically generates SEO and gives you powerful tools to customize if you need it.  No need to hire an SEO manager or use special apps or plugins.  Its built in, how it should be.

3. Ghost is faster

In testing done by the Ghost foundation, they found that it is up to 1900% faster than WordPress.  Let that sink in.  Ghost is up to 19x faster than WordPress.

4. Designed for Developers

There is nothing like a custom built website, they're quick and beautiful.  We wanted to make sure that with whatever platform we chose, we still had full control to do what we want as developers, and Ghost gives us that ability.

5. Easily Containerized

Our infrastructure is mostly built on Kubernetes.  Kubernetes allows us to run a mini server on top of a bunch of bigger ones, and almost guarantees the site will not go down or be broken.  It also allows us to re-allocate more space or processing power for your site whenever it is needed.

All that being said, we're happy to kick WordPress and all the other CMS's to the curb.